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We specialize in crafting multi-faceted, bespoke marketing and outreach strategies to connect B2B companies with their ideal customers. Our data-driven strategies allow us to remove the guesswork and let the data lead us to effective, continuous, and quality results.

  • We can send 10k+ emails a day using our industry leading software

  • Targeted social media marketing strategies for brand awareness

  • We manage the scheduling and coordination for your sales team

Incentive Alignment

You only pay for what you gain. Our pricing is centered around obtaining you results.

Unbound Marketing

A combination of outbound and inbound marketing allows for unparalleled growth and engagement.

Custom Built Strategy

Our unique methods position us to completely design our strategy around what your business needs.

Seamless Management

We take the hassle out of managing sales calls by handling the scheduling and coordination, ensuring your team can focus on closing.

Our strategies are aimed to give you more consistent, continuous, and quality leads for your sales pipeline.

Areas of Improvement

  • Increasing the volume of outreach, brand awareness, and getting what your business does to more potential clients.

  • Improving the quality of your leads. Not only giving you more leads but increasing the conversion rate of these leads so you make more sales.

  • Eliminating rollercoaster months: which is busy one month followed by a slower month. We want continuous growth not up and down growth.

"Natural Selection" Iterative Method

When starting a campaign for a client, we first deploy a combination of the methods we have seen success with in the past. As the campaign continues, data is collected, monitored, and analyzed by our algorithm to see which of the strategies are producing the most effective results. As time goes on, this algorithmic evolution aligns our strategy with the market producing incredible results and filling your sales pipeline.

"North South" Strategic Targeting

At the outset of the campaign, we cast a wide net, capturing a large volume of prospective leads. This initial phase is for amassing extensive data, which we then analyze to zone in on the more promising segments of the market. Our strategy is focused on identifying and engaging with "warmer" leads. As our algorithm hones in on the most effective approach, we simultaneously refine our lead selection criteria.

Who are we?

After graduating college with engineering degrees our founders decided they had a unique ability to generate value for others. This led them to start KrohSolutions, helping B2B companies find the growth their looking for.

Elliott K.


As a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur, I blend precision engineering principles with innovative marketing strategies to lead my client acquisition agency. My passion lies in devising systems that not only streamline business processes but also drive sustained growth and client engagement.

Drew M.


With a background in industrial engineering, I bring a unique perspective to client acquisition, combining systematic efficiency and process optimization to lead my agency. My expertise lies in integrating industrial methodologies with creative marketing solutions to enhance business performance.

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